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Movers In Dubai

Al-Hilal Mover and Packers L.L.C provides you 24/7 Moving and Shifting services all over in UAE Contact (+971 50-858 0765 |+971 552 57 0994 ). Al-Hilal aims to provide all the kinds of moving and shifting services, whether it’s local or international. We are much famous for moving your goods and belongings at very affordable and low price. From Dubai, we are able to carry your stuff to any state of UAE. Al-Hilal Mover and Packers unceasingly progressing and making research with time and now have become one of the most well-known companies in Dubai. It’s our devotion towards our work that helped to achieve this.

We believe in building a healthy and good relationship with our clients. We served thousands of customers and many of them are now our permanent clients. Our workers, suppliers, consultants, and subcontractors are much cooperative. The response deeply to your details. We are achieving our goals with a strong teamwork. And this helped us to get grand success to all of our projects.

Movers In Dubai - By Al-Hilal Mover and PackersWhat Do We Provide?

In Al-Hilal we provide you various services according to the needs of people of Dubai. Dubai is the fastest and the busiest city in UAE. But, Al-Hilal moves along with people needs. We provide services including:

These are the key services that we provide to Al-Hilal Mover and Packers.

Commercial Moving

At Al-Hilal our workers are highly professional and trained commercial movers. We have many workstations in UAE. Also, we carry your stuff to your given location on time. Taking your goods is a big responsibility. So, we have most experienced workers in Al-Hilal. We move all the type of your stuff like furniture, electronics, wooden doors, glass stuff and many other things. The electronics and office panels are much complicated and can cost you thousands, which is why we only prefer only experienced team and moving terms for office relocations.


Local Moving

We understand that people who are relocating couldn’t sometime finalize at the time so they might need a safe place to store their goods, households or furniture. Also, there are some who might wait for the new home which is already building. While others might be traveling overseas for a small period of time. So in these cases, you really need a storage place and plane which Al-Hilal provides you, and welcomes the new customers looking for the storage place.

Al-Hilal movers offer Local moving to their customers. Although, the Moving is a time-honored task that thousands take every day. While Al-Hilal welcomes the excitement and anticipation always. We move your stuff to all the small and bigger location of Dubai. And, we don’t charge much like the other companies. Also, we don’t include any hidden charges that annoy our clients. We fairly charge for the service we provide.